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We are a different kind of global investment manager.

It’s not about stars; it’s about synergy. Our investment professionals are compensated on longer-term investment performance measures that align with our clients' goals, and every member of our team receives a 360° peer review.

Our Investing Approach

Our business strategy is our investment strategy.

From our global teams to our performance evaluation and compensation structure, our process mirrors and supports our collaborative, long-term approach to investing.

We have a unique perspective. Or a thousand.

What happens when you get analysts, portfolio managers and risk professionals communicating? Collaboration. Because broader views and better insights often come from sharing – and vigorously debating – diverse opinions.

We don’t mitigate risk; we actively manage it.

Risk management is an integral part of investing, not a last line of defense. We work to ensure the biggest differentiator of each portfolio's returns will be security selection, which we believe is our greatest strength.

We stay the course.

We don’t chase short-term trends. Here, we’ve got the discipline and rigor to stay focused on our long-term strategy, and yours.

MFS believes in giving back.

We've built partnerships with charitable organizations around the globe to support our communities and reach those who need our help the most.

We’re All Investors

Our business is managed by expert investors who are passionate about our culture and focused on putting our clients’ needs first.

Robert J. Manning

Executive Chairman

With MFS since he began his career as a high-yield bond analyst in 1984, Rob was named CEO in 2004 and chairman in 2010. He later served as co-CEO and was named executive chairman in 2017. He advises the firm's clients and the MFS management committee, serves on the company's Board of Directors and as a trustee of the MFS funds.

Michael W. Roberge

CEO, President & CIO

Mike, who previously served as co-CEO, was named CEO in 2017, joined MFS as a credit analyst in 1996. He has worldwide oversight of the company's investment management and research divisions and also sets investment and general business strategy for the firm.  He also is a member of the MFS Board of Directors.