Why I blog

Today we have more access to information than ever. With that increased information comes the increased possibility that the information may be flawed or twisted. 


Separating fact from fiction and backing up my analysts has always been of utmost importance to me. I remember I once told my father something and he called me on it. He told me if I was going to make a claim, I better be able to back it up with facts. I've never forgotten this advice.


So why do I blog? A blog presents a perfect medium to keep investors up to date on what I have been discovering in my job as an investment professional. I want to share with readers what I learn along the way. Over the years I have developed my own method of interpreting the world around me. I read a lot.  And I don't take what others say at face value; I go to the source. I scan the reports of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board and other departments of the U.S. government that release economic data. I review company reports, meet with their leadership, and the analysts who cover them. I read blogs, academic research, and financial journals. I meet with specialists in various fields, policymakers, technical analysts, and on a daily basis, talk to analysts and portfolio managers here at MFS.


However I am only useful if I can make sense of the myriad of information, take it to the next level and add value. This blog is an effort to offer to readers that value and my observations on a market whose reality is often obscured by the headlines.