Collective Expertise: Insight to Advantage

Diverse viewpoints debated within a framework of shared values brings the best insight to a common end goal.

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Mike Cantara

There has to be cognitive diversity. That is, bringing multiple perspectives to bear in solving problems whether it’s for clients or portfolio decisions. We need to have a high level of information flow so that everybody is sharing that information and finally a component of that is a real sense of emotional intelligence.

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Kristen Colvin

Global gives me the opportunity to work with people around the world trying to solve a similar problem. So we get to go back and forth with people on here’s what’s happening in Boston, here’s what’s happening in Sydney. Maybe there are some ways we can work together to drive better outcomes.

Kevin Beatty

Being creative is one of the most important things we encourage in all our investors. New ways to look at the world, being inquisitive helping each other and giving a new lens to someone else so they can look at the world a little differently.

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Bill Adams

In a market that continues to change. In a market that grows increasingly more technologically savvy and more complex, bringing it back to the people and the skill sets of those individuals when we bring them together at MFS is what we do well and I think that is our core competitive advantage.


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