Dealer Payments, Sales Charges and Fees

Flexible Pricing Options
MFS provides a number of flexible pricing alternatives. You should consider your client's financial needs, goals, and risk tolerance before making any investment recommendations. Updated as of January 2018. Click here to view flexible pricing options for you and your clients.

Because every single one of your clients has unique financial needs, MFS offers four distinct pricing programs: front-end loaded A shares, B shares with contingent deferred sales charge, level-loaded C shares and a retirement share class suite.

Class A shares
Class B shares
Class C shares

In assisting your client in choosing a particular class of shares to best take advantage of the reduced sales charge schedules, consideration should be given to all relevant circumstances such as the amount of money to be invested initially and over time, the length of time the investor expects to hold the shares, and any other relevant facts. A number of funds are subject to a variety of fee waivers and/or expense reductions. Please check the fund's current prospectus for full details and the most current information.

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