Tax Mailing Calendar


Communication Purpose When provided
IRS Form 1099-DIV Reports taxable dividend  and capital gain distributions  paid during the year Late January
IRS Form 1099-B Reports redemptions or  exchanges from a fund other  than a money market fund Late January
IRS Form 1099-INT Reports exempt-interest dividends, alternative minimum tax, and any related withholding for municipal bond funds. Late January
IRS Form 1099-Q Reports payments from Qualified Education Programs (Section 529 plans) and Coverdell ESA distributions Late January
IRS Form 1099-R Reports payments from an MFS-sponsored retirement plan Late January
IRS Form 1042-S Reports dividend and capital gain distributions paid to nonresident aliens Mid March
IRS Form 5498-ESA Reports contributions and rollovers to Coverdell ESA Late April
IRS Form 5498 Reports contributions or rollovers to an MFS-sponsored IRA Late May
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