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Community Involvement as a Revenue Driver

Get involved in the community and learn our business culture strategies.


What are the three ways advisors are successfully using community involvement as a driver for asset growth?

  • Participating in existingclient charity events
  • Creating events that honor your clients’ causes
  • Reflecting community involvement in your office space 

A study from New York University’s Stern School of Business reports conclusively what we know intuitively: “Doing good is good for business.” The study finds that charitable involvement enhances subsequent sales growth — and loyalty. Furthermore, the Cone Communications Group reports that 90% of consumers would switch brands to one associated with a social or environmental cause.1 Here are some brilliant ideas that will enable you to illustrate your commitment to the community.

Participate in Existing Client Charity Events

Auction item: Private chefs dinner Offer a private chef’s dinner to the charity of your best client. Here’s what you get in return: You show you care, you raise money for the charity and you introduce yourself to 10 people who are able to attend a dinner party, which you host in your own home.

Auction gift basket Donate a gift basket to your best client’s dinner event. Fill it with goods from CostPlus. Before you wrap it with cellophane, enclose an 8 ½” x 11” card that says, “Certificate of Award: Four hours of Organizing Your Financial Records in Your Own Home!” Here’s what you get in return: first, you honor your client by showing you know what’s important to him or her; second, you raise money for the charity; and third, you get four hours in a prospect’s home, demonstrating your value as you answer questions and make suggestions. 

Gala table Instead of buying a table at your client’s charity event and bringing your own friends, buy two tickets to sit at his or her table and learn more about the charity. Then you will be sitting at a table for 10 at which 3 of the couples — who are each able to attend a dinner — are the best friends of your client. These are the best marketing dollars you’ll ever spend, because you’ll get three hours chatting with these couples about connectors like college, pets, vacations and ball teams.

Create Events That Honor Your Clients’ Causes

Bocce ball tournament Host a bocce ball tournament at the local community center. Invite one client charity. Have the client invite all his or her friends, family members and neighbors, who more than likely are aware of this charity your client is so passionate about. The client chooses the donation amount, the checks are made out to the charity and the client collects them. All you do is provide the event venue. At this event you will honor your client, help him or her raise money and meet prospective new clients.

Please check with your firm’s Compliance Department before initiating events to verify that the activity complies with firm policy and industry rules.

Comedy night Many of our clients have causes that are local, and the organizations they support are often too small to put on large fundraising events. So, provide a venue at which maybe 4 of your clients, each with a separate charity, can host a table of 10. You provide dinner and a comedian. They each fill a table, setting the ticket prices and collecting the money on their own. Clients have five minutes each to talk to the audience about their charities. In the meantime, each attendee has been fed and entertained. You will put yourself in front of 32 people you have never met before, and you are honoring your best clients by providing a venue for fundraising they have never had before. In doing this, you foster loyalty, but you also show prospective clients that you are civic-minded.

International Women’s Day Every March 8 since the early 1920s, the world has celebrated women overcoming tremendous obstacles, battling life’s challenges and winning. Honor women overcoming the odds in your own community by hosting an event giving women a chance to celebrate women. Invite women clients and their friends to your office to fill gift bags for the women in the local battered women’s shelter. The cost runs between $10 and $14 a bag. A simple invitation made over the telephone and you will be mobbed with “Yes!” responses. Encourage those attending to bring their best friends. 

Reflect Community Involvement in Your Office Space

Digital frame in lobby Build your brand as a practice that is charitably inclined by having a digital frame in your lobby area. On that frame can be beautiful photos of nature, or if clients sign a waiver, can be photos from their charity event, events you and your team have volunteered at or a list of funds raised for a specific charity. Here are some examples that top performers have put into their rotating show: “James Smith, in our office, raised $2500 for the Susan G. Komen foundation last month”;”Girl Scout cookies go on sale in this office next week by Troop 39, kids living in the Bowery”; ”Ted raised $900 for Youth in Symphony”;”don’t forget that Rotary College Scholarship applications are due March 18.”

Gilded frame in lobby Show you care with words such as these displayed in your lobby: “It is our belief at East Bay Wealth Management Advisors that our daily impact in the community can reach far beyond helping investors fulfill their dreams. We endeavor to give back — with our time, effort and pride, as well as our wallets. We feel this involvement is our responsibility because of the goal that we embrace: to be the pre-eminent place of investment and employment in Bayview. In the past year, our employees have had a meaningful impact — individually and as a group — with the following community organizations: [List the organizations.]

“We hope that our efforts inspire and that the people of East Bay Wealth Management have made Bayview a better place to live.”

Gift cards for charity When you are looking to thank someone for a referral, or to honor a client on a birthday or anniversary, what can you get him or her? Go to and send a gift card that they can donate to any charity they are passionate about. (Please be aware of your firm’s gift limitations and rules.) 


1 Cone Communications Global CSR Study 2015.

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