Generational Reach: The Family Offering List

Timely communication can help clients focus on generational wealth and planning.

Creating memorable experiences for clients is a consistent strategy of top advisors. Here’s a seasonal opportunity to help you develop lasting client connections.


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Dear Richard and Sue:

The new year is often a time for reflection and a renewed focus on what is most important in our lives. Allow me to help you identify your 2017 New Year’s resolution for family financial peace of mind. Here is a list of projects we can choose from to discuss with your children. Let me know which topic interests you, and we will set up a meeting to get started.

  • Teach financial responsibility: Impart the power of saving early, often and wisely.
  • Establish a family giving plan: Include your children and their passions in your annual plan.
  • Protect the legacy: Communicate what you want your family to accomplish with their lives.
  • Transfer wealth successfully: Ensure that heirs know how to preserve and maximize what they inherit.
  • Age with dignity: With your children, learn about housing and care options for your later years.
  • Prepare your survivors: Share organizational tools, key contacts, locations, passwords, etc.
  • Clarify milestone markers: Get tools and tips for age-based OR life-stage-based transitions.
  • Coach college-age kids: Set up a coaching conversation about budgeting during the first year of college.
  • Meet the team: Bring your children in for an introduction to and overview of what I do for the family. I am committed to providing services that can affect the lives of those closest to you. Select the next issue you’d like to tackle with your children, and I will facilitate a meeting that helps your family successfully develop and execute a plan.


Joe Advisor, SKT Brokerage Firm


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