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Use seminars to build stronger relationships with your clients and attract new prospects. 

Hosting a seminar is a great way to build stronger relationships with your clients and attract new prospects. Here is a list of our seminar offerings.

Market Insights

Market Insight and Perspective

Market basics

With all the headlines clients see every day, they may be confused. Our market snapshot aims to provide a fair and balanced overview of the domestic equity, fixed income and international markets, as well as the global economy

Staying Calm When the Market Goes Wild

Market volatility

Today could be one of the best-performing days in the stock market’s history, or it could be one of the worst. To help guide your clients through uncertain periods of market volatility, this seminar has some facts and a few opinions you may want to consider. 

Striking a Balance

Investing today

This seminar helps clients understand why investing in a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds may help them achieve their longterm goals.

Wealth Planning

Build With Precision

Asset allocation

This seminar provides you with a way to explain to your clients the importance of allocating, diversifying across asset classes and regularly rebalancing portfolios to work toward long-term goals.

Family Wealth Management: Generational Wealth Conversations

Transfer of wealth

Family wealth transfer is not just about getting financial assets to the next generation. It is also about how to pass on what is important and how to avoid damaging our children’s relationships with each other. This seminar focuses on family wealth management and will leave the client understanding why transfers can fail, how to avoid mistakes and how the right communication between family members may lead to successful transfers of wealth.

Wealth Planning (continued)

Mapping Your Course*
Financial life planning

Addressing future needs is a major component of clients’ financial plans as they map a course through retirement. This seminar addresses many questions they may need to answer, including “Are there additional steps I can take today to guide myself to and through retirement?” “What can I do to prepare for the future needs of my children or grandchildren?” “What additional actions can I take today to impact my legacy?” This session also offers possible solutions and client tools to help them pursue their goals with confidence.

Savvy Women, Smart Investors
Take charge of their financial future

Women today face unique financial pressures, whether they are raising a family, caring for parents or saving toward their own long-term goals. In this seminar, we will review these challenges and offer tips specifically geared toward women to help them plan accordingly.

Take Control*
A balanced approach to achieving your goals

This seminar is designed to help clients remain balanced — emotionally and strategically — when investing for future goals. It demonstrates how behavior affects investment decisions and assures investors that they can control their behavior and reach long-term goals as long as they stay disciplined and well informed.

Retirement and College

Life Lessons*
529 Savings Plans

For your clients who are parents of young children, paying for future college expenses is probably a real concern. Help them address this issue early on by showing them smart ways to save now.

Preparing for Retirement
Social Security

Social Security claiming strategies can be complex. This seminar discusses important claiming considerations as they relate to your clients’ plans for retirement. Working with a financial advisor and tax professional may help put it all in perspective.

Top IRA Planning Mistakes*

Traditional IRA review

Commonly made IRA planning mistakes put clients’ retirement plans in jeopardy and threaten client-advisor relationships. Put your IRA knowledge to work by bringing the 12 most common mistakes to life. Frequently discussed problem areas include beneficiary designations, spousal inheritance options and IRA, Roth IRA and RMD issues.

Your Retirement: TBD

Client behaviors in retirement

TBD: It stands for “to be determined.” And to help you help clients whose retirement plans are TBD, this seminar looks at client behaviors and touches on traditional finance, behavioral finance and disciplined finance. What have we learned or been taught in the investment arena? What do we actually do? How can investors potentially avoid making some common missteps?

Please check with your firm’s Compliance Department before initiating events to verify that the activity complies with firm policy and industry rules.

*Attendees of this seminar are eligible to receive CE credits when the seminar is presented by MFS®.

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