Events and education to help women own their financial future

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of women surveyed
are skeptical about their ability to meet long-term financial goals*
are skeptical about their ability to meet long-term financial goals*

Unique Financial Challenges for Women

Learn how women can embrace their choices, understand the financial implications and empower themselves with expert support.

Plan for the future

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The longevity challenge

Great news – women are living longer, healthier lives. But that's expensive, so plan now to meet these higher costs in retirement.

10 Rules for the Retirement Road

As you plan and save for retirement, here are ways to avoid the potholes and find a smooth road to your future security.

Prepare for the journey

Make choices and manage consequences

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Decision savvy

Women who understand the financial consequences that come with the many choices they have today can make better planning decisions.

Saving Sense for Caregivers

The choice of caregiving is yours to make, so be very clear on how it impacts your finances and how to plan around it.

Know your financial options

Take control of the unknown

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Put financial fears to bed

Don't wonder whether you've planned enough for a secure future, get help! Financial confidence comes from knowing what questions to ask.

What Keeps You Up at Night Checklist

Don't lose sleep over your finances. Knowing the right questions to ask is the first step toward finding solutions.

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of advised women surveyed
strongly agree they wouldn’t meet their long-term financial goals without their financial advisor*
strongly agree they wouldn’t meet their long-term financial goals without their financial advisor*

Do you really need a financial advisor?

Why Work With an Advisor?

Women's finances are all about taking control and having choices. Why not work with an expert who can help make that possible?

How Do You Find an Advisor?

There are several organizations that can help get you started. Check the links below to learn what type of professional might be right for you and how to find one.

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*METHODOLOGY: MFS Investment Management reexamined the research behind its Heritage Planning program by conducting a study among individual investors in the United States. The sample totaled 2,000 respondents (998 females and 1,002 males). Among female respondents, 181 were Gen Y investors, 332 Gen X investors, 382 baby boom investors and 115 silent generation investors. To qualify, individual investors must have $50K or more in household income, own at least one mutual fund, have at least 1% of their assets under advisement (i.e., using a financial advisor), and make or share in the financial decision making for their household. The survey was conducted from December 14, 2016, to January 9, 2017. MFS was not identifed as the sponsor of the survey.