Our Partnership

As women, we face financial challenges that men don’t. So, the time we put into managing these concerns matters – a lot. That’s why MFS Investment Management and Redbook have teamed up with financial experts on a series of events and support specifically for women. It’s time for financial professionals, advisors and women investors to join forces and address these issues head on. Read more from Redbook

Upcoming Events

group of professional women discussing at a formal lunch table
Event No. 2: Ahead Of Your Time
November, 2017

Answering All The Financial Questions You are Afraid To Ask

group of professional women smiling
Event No. 3: A Time For Care
February, 2018

Learning How Taking Care Of You Can Can Help Take Care Of Your Loved Ones

two coworkers communicating
Event No. 4: Time For You
April, 2018

Smart Investing Involves Knowing Yourself