Class B/Class 529B Shares

For purchases under $100,000*
Dealer compensation: 4%

Plus annual service fee of up to 0.25%

  • based on average daily net assets
  • paid quarterly beginning in second year to eligible dealer firms

Contingent deferred sales charge

  • declines over 6 years (4%, 4%, 3%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 0%)
Converts to Class A shares, with their lower expenses, after eight years

Withdrawals free of sales charge

  • shares acquired by reinvestment of dividends and capital gains
  • principal appreciation
  • principal amounts invested six years
  • Systematic Withdrawal Plan of up to 10% of account value annually
1% annual distribution/service fee:
0.75% distribution fee, 0.25% service fee paid quarterly to your broker/dealer (distribution fee may be reduced as mutual fund assets grow)
In assisting your client in choosing a particular class of shares to best take advantage of the reduced sales charge schedules, consideration should be given to all relevant circumstances such as the amount of money to be invested initially and over time, the length of time the investor expects to hold the shares, and any other relevant facts.