Manage an Existing Account

Make changes to your existing MFS 529 Savings Plan or Coverdell Education Savings account, including: adding services and changing the owner's name.

529 Savings Plan Service Form
Use this form to update or add account privileges.

529 Additional Investment Form
Complete this form if you would if you would like to purchase additional shares of your existing 529 Plan account.

529 Savings Plan Change Form
Make changes to an existing 529 Saving Plan account.

529 Savings Plan Rollover Form
Rollover money directly from another 529 Savings Plan.

529 Savings Plan Systematic Withdrawal Plan Form
Initiate systematic withdrawals for a 529 Savings Plan account.

Coverdell Education Savings (CESA) Change Form
Make changes to an existing Coverdell Education Savings account.

Dealer Change Authorization
Change dealer information on accounts.

MFS 529 Savings Plan Contribution/Rollover Form
Make a contribution to an existing 529 plan (check must accompany the form).

MFS Coverdell Education Savings Account
Disclosure statement and trust agreement