Open a New MFS 529 Savings Plan

Everything you need to open a new MFS 529 Savings Plan account.

529 Savings Plan Expense Overview Supplement
This supplement details the expenses and fees that participants should expect to incur when investing in the 529 program. This supplement is meant as a tool for participants to examine their fees and is not intended to be the sole source for this information.

529 Savings Plan Participant Agreement and Disclosure Statement
This booklet contains the MFS 529 Savings Plan Participant Agreement and Disclosure Statement, and must accompany the MFS 529 Savings Plan Forms Kit. It is retained by the accountholder for future reference.

MFS 529 Savings Plan application
This kit includes a plan application, service form and a listing of MFS 529 Savings Plan Investment Funds.

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Filling in, printing and saving an online form

Many of our PDF forms and applications can be completed online. Just click inside the text box that you want to fill in and enter the information. When you are finished, print the form.

In order to save the PDF, you will need to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat. If you already have the full version, simply click the Save icon located in the toolbar.