Manage an Existing Account

Make changes to your existing MFS IRA account, including adding services, changing the account owner's name, and checkwriting privileges.

Dealer Change Authorization
Change dealer information on accounts.

Additional Investment Form for MFS Traditional and Roth IRA Accounts
Complete this form if you would if you would like to purchase additional shares of your existing IRA.

Designation of Beneficiary Form
Designate a beneficiary for an MFS IRA.

IRA Request for Change of Distribution Option

IRA Withholding Election Form
Use this form to elect withholding for future systematic distributions

MFS IRA Plans Service Form
IRA Service Application includes reduced sales charges, dealer changes, dollar-cost averaging, invest by phone, bank account information and automatic investment.

MFS IRA Recharacterization Form
Recharacterize a contribution (or contributions) from one IRA type to another.

MFS Name Change Authorization Form
Change the name of the account owner on an MFS IRA (e.g. name change due to marriage).

Return of Excess Contribution Authorization
Remove an excess contribution from an IRA account.

Roth IRA Conversion Form
Convert assets from an MFS or non-MFS Traditional IRA to an MFS ROTH IRA. Complete this form on your computer, print it, and mail it to us.