Open a New Account

The forms and applications found here contain everything needed to open a new MFS mutual fund account.

Open a New Mutual Fund Account
Complete this form on your computer, print it, and mail it to us.

Transfer on Death Agreement Registration Form
Change the registration of a mutual fund account with a designated beneficiary (TOD Registration). For investors who wish to designate an individual or entity to automatically own the account upon the death of the current owner. For a new account, this form should be submitted along with an MFS Account Application.

Cost-Basis Reporting
Information regarding cost basis reporting and the cost basis methods available for your account.

Cost-Basis Reporting
Frequently asked questions

Cost Basis Reporting Selection/Change Form
Complete this form to select or change a cost basis method to be applied to your account(s), or make the changes online with MFS Access

MFS Dealer Net Asset Value Certification
To be submitted with an MFS Account Application or MFS-Sponsored Retirement Plan Application for accounts for employees of dealer firms or registered representatives

Filling in, printing and saving an online form

Many of our PDF forms and applications can be completed online. Just click inside the text box that you want to fill in and enter the information. When you are finished, print the form.

In order to save the PDF, you will need to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat. If you already have the full version, simply click the Save icon located in the toolbar.