Manage an Existing Account

Make changes to your existing MFS workplace retirement account, including adding services and changing the owner's name.

Certificate of Incumbency
Certify a Plan Administrator for plans using MFS Heritage Trust Company as Trustee

Dealer Change Authorization
Change dealer information on accounts.

MFD Defined Contribution Prototype Plan Document
This document contains the non-elective provisions of the MFD defined contribution prototype plan and should be used in conjunction with the appropriate Adoption Agreement for existing plan sponsors that have adopted the MFS plan. The MFD Defined Contribution Plan is not available for adoption by new plans.

MFS 403(b) Designation of Beneficiary Form
Designate a beneficiary for an MFS 403(b).

MFS 403(b) Mutual Fund Custodial Agreement
For employer-sponsored plans only.

MFS 403(b) Mutual Fund Custodial Agreement
For salary-reduction plans only.

MFS Group Investment Form
For plans trusteed by MFS Heritage Trust

MFS IRA Plans Service Form
IRA Service Application includes reduced sales charges, dealer changes, dollar-cost averaging, invest by phone, bank account information and automatic investment.

MFS IRA Recharacterization Form
Recharacterize a contribution (or contributions) from one IRA type to another.

MFS Name Change Authorization Form
Change the name of the account owner on an MFS IRA (e.g. name change due to marriage).

Return of Excess Contribution Authorization
Remove an excess contribution from an IRA account.

Roth IRA Conversion Form
Convert assets from an MFS or non-MFS Traditional IRA to an MFS ROTH IRA. Complete this form on your computer, print it, and mail it to us.

SIMPLE IRA Plan Service Form
Add the telephone withdrawal privilege or eDelivery to your existing Simple IRA

IRA and 403(b) Fee Agreement Terms