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MFS' corporate news, including information on new or enhanced products and services.

Asset allocation themes for this year and beyond
Diversification may help make the most of a low-return environment.

Culture and sustainable alpha generation: Six key factors
A strong culture is a requirement for sustainable alpha generation

Dive or stay? Common biases of goalkeepers and portfolio managers
Portfolio managers — like goalkeepers — might be better off staying put.

Emerging market debt: Challenges and opportunities
The prospect of higher US Treasury yields remains a key risk to emerging market assets.

Important information about cost basis
New forms available to accommodate cost basis information

Morningstar Article Reprint: Compelling Culture Key to MFS' Staying Power
A client approved article with Morningstar's perspective on MFS' culture

Mutual Funds and Abandoned Property
It is important to understand the escheatment process because it may impact your assets.

Navigating the cross-currents in municipal bonds

Scotland's pursuit of independence
By Erik Weisman, Ph.D., Pilar Gomez-Bravo, CFA, and Victoria Higley, ASIP.

What to make of the ECB surprise
By Erik Weisman, Ph.D.

Investment Insight: Interest rate risk creeps upward - March 2015
The interest rate sensitivity of most fixed income benchmarks has increased since the global financial crisis.

Investment Insight: Greece's drama is not over - February 2015
Markets and politicians have taken a brief pause this week after the Eurogroup finance ministers provisionally approved the four-month extension of the Greek debt bailout, based on the new government’s preliminary list of structural reforms.

Investment Insight: Volatility: Returns down the drain - February 2015
Volatility diminishes the rate at which an investment grows over the long term and has a negative relative impact on portfolio returns.

Investment Insight: Bank of Canada Cuts Rates - January 2015
Joining other central banks, Canada’s policymakers take out insurance against the downside risks associated with falling oil prices.

Investment Insight: ECB’S QE - At Last - January 2015
The ECB has announced its much anticipated plans to pursue a programme of large-scale asset purchases.

Investment Insight: Surprise from Switzerland - January 2015
The Swiss National Bank removed the currency peg to the euro to protect Switzerland's export-oriented economy.