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Closed-end Press Releases

Auction Rate Market Update - April 21, 2013
Auctions for so-called "auction rate securities" continue to be adversely affected by liquidity constraints in the credit markets. MFS Investment Management provides weekly updates on the auction rates for four of its funds that have been subject to recent auction failures.

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MFS Announces Portfolio Management Appointments for MFS Charter Income Trust
August 1, 2013

MFS Announces Closed-End Fund Distributions
MFS Investment Management (MFS) announced today monthly distributions of the following closed-end funds, all with declaration dates of April 1, 2014, ex-dividend dates of April 15, 2014, record dates of April 17, 2014, and payable dates of April 30, 2014.

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MFS Releases Closed-End Fund Income Distribution Sources for Certain Funds
MFS Investment Management (MFS) released today the distribution income sources for three of its closed-end funds for March 2014: MFS Intermediate Income Trust (NYSE: MIN), MFS Government Markets Income Trust (NYSE: MGF) and MFS Special Value Trust (NYSE: MFV).

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Closed End Fund December 2013 Distributions
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