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MFS® Variable Insurance Portfolios

Performance Summary

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 Performance summary for initial class shares

 Performance summary for service class shares

The information contained in this section pertains to the Funds which comprise the MFS® Variable Insurance Trust III. Shares of each applicable Fund are offered at NAV and are available solely as an underlying investment option for variable life insurance and variable annuity products issued or administered by life insurance companies. These insurance companies actually own the shares of the applicable Funds. You do not buy, sell or exchange shares of the Funds--you choose investment options through your variable annuity contract or variable life insurance policy. The insurance company then invests in the shares of the Fund according to the investment options you’ve chosen. Returns do not reflect fees and expenses of any variable annuity contract or variable life insurance policy, and would be lower if they did. Please refer to specific performance reporting from the issuing insurance company for returns that reflect such charges.