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MFS® Lifetime® 2025 Fund

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Fact Sheet

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Symbol: LTTAX   CUSIP:  55279J882   Newspaper Abbreviation: PENDING   Fund number: 1056  
Daily NAV:  $11.82  (as of 4/22/14)
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Fund Profile

An automatically reallocated portfolio of MFS funds

Provides convenient access to a professionally allocated, broadly diversified, rebalanced portfolio of MFS funds in a single investment. The allocation strategy will become more conservative as the fund's target date approaches.


Seeks a high level of total return consistent with its asset allocation until the approximate retirement year in the fund’s name; thereafter, the fund will seek total return through a combination of current income and capital appreciation. The asset allocation of the fund will change over time.

Important Risk Considerations


  • Classification: Asset Allocation
  • Fiscal Year End:  APRIL
  • Fund Commencement: 11/2/12  
  • Class Inception: 11/2/12  
  • CUSIP:  55279J882  
  • Newspaper Abbreviation: PENDING  
  • Net Assets:  $82.20 million (as of 3/31/14)
  • Maximum Sales Charge:  5.75%

Portfolio Facts:

Portfolio characteristic data are based on unaudited net assets.

Current holdings may be different.

Target Allocations
(on 3/31/14)
U.S. Stocks 44.30%
Bonds 34.00%
International Stocks 15.10%
Specialty 6.60%
MFS Fund Holdings
(on 3/31/14)
MFS® Research Bond Fund 9.27%
MFS® Value Fund 8.99%
MFS® Growth Fund 8.85%
MFS® Research Fund 7.99%
MFS® Mid Cap Value Fund 7.67%
MFS® Mid Cap Growth Fund 7.57%
MFS® Government Securities Fund 6.96%
MFS® Research International Fund 6.40%
MFS® High Income Fund 5.01%
MFS® Inflation-Adjusted Bond Fund 4.99%
MFS® Global Bond Fund 4.73%
MFS® International Growth Fund 3.68%
MFS® International Value Fund 3.66%
MFS® Commodity Strategy Fund 3.30%
MFS® Emerging Markets Debt Fund 3.02%
MFS® Global Real Estate Fund 2.33%
MFS® New Discovery Value Fund 1.66%
MFS® New Discovery Fund 1.64%
MFS® International New Discovery Fund 1.32%
MFS® Absolute Return Fund 1.00%
MFS® Emerging Markets Equity Fund 0.32%
Cash & Other assets, less liabilities -0.35%
Top 10 Holdings
(on 3/31/14)  
What's this?
United States Treasury Note 0.375 FEB 15 16
United States Treasury Note 4.5 AUG 15 39
United States Treasury Note/Bond 0.875 DEC 31 16
Google Inc
Nestle SA
United States Treasury Note 2.125 MAY 31 15
JPMorgan Chase & Co
FNMA 30YR 4.0
Philip Morris International Inc
UST Bond 10Yr Future Jun 19 14*

6.08% long and 0.81% short (*) positions of total net assets
Total number of holdings: 3021
Top 10 Equity Holdings
(on 3/31/14)  
What's this?
Google Inc
Nestle SA
JPMorgan Chase & Co
Philip Morris International Inc
Exxon Mobil Corp
Danaher Corp
Wells Fargo & Co
Danone SA
Johnson & Johnson
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc

7.77% of equity assets
Top 10 Fixed Income Holdings
(on 3/31/14)  
What's this?
United States Treasury Note 0.375 FEB 15 16
United States Treasury Note 4.5 AUG 15 39
United States Treasury Note/Bond 0.875 DEC 31 16
United States Treasury Note 2.125 MAY 31 15
FNMA 30YR 4.0
FNMA 30YR 4.5
FNMA 30YR 5.5
United States Treasury Inflation Indexed Bonds 0.125 APR 15 17
UST Bond 10Yr Future Jun 19 14*

14.35% long and 2.32% short (*) positions of fixed income assets

Portfolio characteristics are based on equivalent exposure, which measures how a portfolio's value would change due to price changes in an asset held either directly or, in the case of a derivative contract, indirectly. The market value of the holding may differ.


*Short positions, unlike long positions, lose value if the underlying asset gains value.

Important Risk Considerations

The fund may not achieve its objective. You may experience losses near, at, or after the target date. There is no guarantee that the fund will provide adequate income at and through your retirement.

Stock markets and investments in individual stocks are volatile and can decline significantly in response to issuer, market, economic, political, regulatory, geopolitical, and other conditions.

Investments in debt instruments may decline in value as the result of declines in the credit quality of the issuer, borrower, counterparty, underlying collateral, or changes in economic, political, issuer-specific, or other conditions. Certain types of debt instruments can be more sensitive to these factors and therefore more volatile. In addition, debt instruments entail interest rate risk (as interest rates rise, prices usually fall), therefore the Fund's share price may decline during rising rate environments as the underlying debt instruments in the portfolio adjust to the rise in rates. Funds that consist of debt instruments with longer durations are generally more sensitive to a rise in interest rates than those with shorter durations. At times, and particularly during periods of market turmoil, all or a large portion of segments of the market may not have an active trading market. As a result, it may be difficult to value these investments and it may not be possible to sell a particular investment or type of investment at any particular time or at an acceptable price.

Investments in foreign markets can involve greater risk and volatility than U.S. investments because of adverse market, economic, political, regulatory, geopolitical, or other conditions.

Investments in small-cap companies can be more volatile than investments in larger companies.

MFS’ strategy of investing in underlying funds exposes the fund to the risks of the underlying funds.

Please see the prospectus for further information on these and other risk considerations.

This publication is authorized for distribution only when preceded or accompanied by a prospectus, or summary prospectus, for the portfolio being offered. Consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. Contact MFS or view online. Read it carefully.