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MFS® Value Fund

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Fact Sheet

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Symbol: MEIAX   CUSIP:  552983801   Newspaper Abbreviation: ValueA   Fund number: 93  
Daily NAV:  $33.26  (as of 4/23/14)
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Dividends and Capital Gains

Terms and Definitions
Distributions (updated daily as of 4/24/14)
Record Date Ex-Date Payable Date   Type of Earnings Rate per
Share (US$)
Reinvestment NAV (US$)
3/27/14 3/27/14 3/27/14   Dividend   0.23278   32.88     
12/10/13 12/10/13 12/10/13   Long Term Capital Gain   0.44172   32.20     
12/10/13 12/10/13 12/10/13   Dividend   0.14577   32.20     
12/10/13 12/10/13 12/10/13   Short Term Capital Gain   0.13922   32.20     
9/25/13 9/25/13 9/25/13   Dividend   0.10343   30.94     
6/26/13 6/26/13 6/26/13   Dividend   0.13143   29.26     

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Please consult your tax advisor for further information.

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