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MFS® Massachusetts Investors Growth Stock Portfolio

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CUSIP:  55274F612  
Daily NAV:  $17.84  (as of 3/27/15)
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Portfolio Profile

Large-cap growth at a reasonable price

A large-cap growth portfolio that employs a growth-at-a-reasonable-price strategy in seeking well-run businesses poised for growth. Seeks businesses with strong fundamentals, superior management, and a sustainable competitive advantage.


Seeks capital appreciation.


  • Classification: Domestic Growth Stock
  • Class Inception: 5/6/98  
  • Start of Investment Operations: 5/5/98  
  • CUSIP:  55274F612  

Portfolio Facts:

Portfolio characteristic data are based on unaudited net assets.

The portfolio is actively managed, and current holdings may be different.

Types of Holdings
(on 2/28/15)
Stocks 99.47%
Cash & Other1 0.53%
Top 10 Holdings
(on 2/28/15)  
What's this?
Full & Historical Holdings
Google Inc Class A
Accenture PLC
Visa Inc
Colgate-Palmolive Co
Danaher Corp
United Technologies Corp
Oracle Corp
Schlumberger Ltd
CVS Health Corp
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc

32.82% of total net assets
Total number of holdings: 63
5 Largest Equity Sectors/Categories
(on 2/28/15)
Technology 14.43%
Industrial Goods & Services 14.39%
Health Care 12.80%
Consumer Staples 12.06%
Retailing 9.81%
Top 10 Country Weightings
(on 2/28/15)
United States 90.18%
France 6.32%
Taiwan 1.31%
United Kingdom 0.97%
Brazil 0.69%

Portfolio characteristics are based on equivalent exposure, which measures how a portfolio's value would change due to price changes in an asset held either directly or, in the case of a derivative contract, indirectly. The market value of the holding may differ.


1 Cash and other assets are less liabilities.

Important Risk Considerations

The portfolio may not achieve its objective and/or you could lose money on your investment in the portfolio.

Stock markets and investments in individual stocks are volatile and can decline significantly in response to issuer, market, economic, industry, political, regulatory, geopolitical, and other conditions.

Investments in growth companies can be more sensitive to the company's earnings and more volatile than the stock market in general.

Please see the prospectus for further information on these and other risk considerations.

Before purchasing any variable product, consider the objectives, risks, charges, and expenses associated with the underlying investment option(s) and those of the product itself. For a prospectus, or summary prospectus if available, containing this and other information, contact your investment or insurance professional. Read the prospectus carefully before investing.