Milestone Marketing® is a business-building program that:
  • identifies age-based financial opportunities and key retirement planning issues through the decades
  • provides targeted marketing tools and conversation starters
  • helps you manage client relationships and potentially win assets
Taking the time to identify key retirement planning issues and offer smart strategies for your clients and prospects in their 50s, 60s and 70s will potentially help you win assets from your competitors.
50s 60s 70s

Last chance to accumulate

Clients and prospects in their 50s may be in their last decade to accumulate assets for retirement. It is also an important time for them to consider a retirement income planning strategy.
Age 50 - catch-up contributions
Make sure all of your clients age 50-plus know about catch-up contributions to qualified retirement plans and IRAs by calling them for a contribution review.

Opportunities to target include
  • spousal IRAs
  • build out funding vehicles that will give your client future tax planning flexibility when he or she starts taking distributions
  • define your role as lead retirement professional
Conversation starter
"As your lead retirement professional I want to make sure we do all we can today to add more to your retirement plans to potentially have more to work with when you retire. Let's take a look at your catch-up contribution opportunities."
Age 55 - early retiree candidates
Affluent clients considering retiring early might use the Separation from Service After Age 55 option under 72(t) to withdraw assets from their 401(k) plan. They would pay only ordinary income on the amount withdrawn with no penalty.
Also, you will want to check if your client has company stock in his or her 401(k) with net unrealized appreciation (NUA) and consider the suitability of a tax-free IRA rollover. Read Distribution of employee stock from 401(k) plans (see below) for details.
Conversation starter
"Before you decide what to do with your retirement plan, let's make sure we review both what's in your plan and when and how you plan to use your funds. I want to make sure I help you avoid unnecessary taxes or penalties."
Age 59½ - Penalty-free IRA withdrawals available
Conversation starter
50s support material
There are advantages and disadvantages to an IRA rollover depending on investment options, services, fees and expenses, withdrawal options, required minimum distributions, tax treatment and the investor's unique financial needs and retirement plans. Please be aware that rolling over retirement assets into one IRA account could potentially increase fees as the underlying funds may be subject to sales loads, higher management fees, 12b-1 fees, and IRA account fees such as custodial fees.

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