Corporate Citizenship at MFS

We at MFS Investment Management are proud of the work we do each day as a global asset manager to help millions of investors work toward their financial goals.

We are equally proud of the investments we make in the future of our world — through the charitable organizations that make our communities better places to work and live.

The MFS Corporate Citizenship program supports organizations globally, both through monetary donations and through the volunteer efforts of our employees.

We have built our program globally based on input from our employees and we concentrate our efforts around the cause areas of greatest importance to them.  These include causes related to health (and in particular cancer), education, shelter and access to opportunity, particularly for children.  MFS believes that investing to help the underserved in our communities is not only our responsibility as a corporate citizen, but essential to the economic well-being and global competitiveness of our economies, and so benefits us all.

Our Corporate Citizenship program is organized around four key pillars: Health, Education, Self-sufficiency, and Civic Engagement.  We have established major sponsorships with philanthropic organizations representing these pillars in each of the regions served by our global offices.