Add Rights of Accumulation (ROA) or Letter of Intent (LOI)

Letter of Intent (LOI) is an account option (privilege) whereby shareowners sign an agreement with MFS stating that it is their intent to invest a predetermined amount of money over a 13-month period and therefore they will receive the applicable reduced sales charge on each purchase made during that time period, as if they had made a lump sum purchase. For Letters of Intent of $1 million or more, the period is 36 months.

Rights of Accumulation (ROA) is an account option allowing shareowners to purchase additional shares at a reduced sales charge provided the value of their current shares (calculated at maximum Public Offering Price ) plus the amount of the new purchase reaches a breakpoint. Unlike the Letter of Intent account option, there is no commitment to invest a specific dollar amount.

Adding a Letter of Intent/Rights of Accumulation by mail
To add a either a Letter of Intent or Rights of Accumulation by mail, complete the appropriate service form for your account type.

Send the completed form to:

For Regular Mail
MFS Service Center, Inc.
P.O. Box 55824
Boston, MA 02205-5824

For Overnight Mail
MFS Service Center, Inc.
c/o Boston Financial Data Services
30 Dan Road
Canton, MA 02021-2809