Transfer on Death

An account registration available to persons owning shares in a single name, Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship (JTWROS), and Tenants by Entireties (TEN BY ENT), who want the names of one or more persons listed as beneficiaries in the account registration. During the lifetime of the owners, beneficiaries have no legal rights to the assets, and beneficiaries can be updated or removed at the discretion of the shareowners. When all owners are deceased, TOD beneficiaries take possession of the assets as Tenants in Common, without probate.
Adding Transfer on Death by phone

Transfer on Death cannot be added by phone. If you would like to request paperwork be sent to you by mail, fax, or email in order to update or add the Transfer on Death Registration, please call 1-800-225-2606 and speak to a service representative.

Updating/Adding Transfer on Death by mail In order to update/add Transfer on Death by mail the following forms will need to be completed:

Send the completed form to:

For Regular mail
MFS Service Center, Inc.
P.O. Box 55824
Boston, MA 02205-5824
For Overnight mail
MFS Service Center, Inc.
c/o Boston Financial Data Services
30 Dan Road
Canton, MA 02021-2809

Signature Validation Program (SVP) Stamp is required on the Transfer on Death form in order to add or update the Transfer on Death registration to an existing account. MFSC requires an original SVP stamp imprint on certain maintenance and non-financial requests for your protection. The following institutions may be able to provide an SVP stamp or signature guarantee stamp: eligible bank, broker, dealer, credit union, national securities exchange, registered securities association, clearing agency, or savings association. SVP stamps or signature guarantees shall be accepted in accordance with policies established by MFS Service Center, Inc.