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Helpful information for current and future MFS mutual fund shareholders.

Open an Account Get a new account application and step-by-step instructions to open a new MFS mutual fund account. Please note that new accounts can only be set up with an investment professional.

Access my Account There are several ways to track your investments and administer your account. Find out how...

Buy Shares Buy additional shares for your mutual fund account online with MFS Access, by phone or by mail.

Exchange Shares Exchange shares of one fund for shares of the same class of another mutual fund with no additional sales charge.

Sell Shares Sell mutual fund shares online with MFS Access, by phone, or by mail.

Sales Charges & Fees MFS offers a variety of share classes to provide you with a choice of how you wish to pay for financial advice. Your investment professional can help you select the right share class and identify ways to reduce your sales charges.

Access Your Accounts Online Which System should I use?

MFS Access Log In For shareholders with mutual fund, IRA and 529 accounts. View accounts; buy, exchange, or sell shares; change address; view statements and tax forms; update personal information; and more.

Closed-End Fund AccountsFor shareholders with closed-end funds. View accounts; change address; update personal information and more.

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