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Market & Economic Commentary

Get updates on MFS investment products plus our current outlooks on the financial markets around the world.

Global Markets Outlook
Insightful commentary and analysis on markets around the globe.

Week in Review
A look at key events influencing U.S. and global financial markets for the week.

Investment Updates
In-depth commentary on the factors that drove performance for these select in the most recent calendar quarter.

Emerging market debt: Wildfire or controlled burn?
We continue to believe that emerging market currencies may have a hard time making progress against the US dollar this year.

Generating alpha based on revenue analysis
Revenue-based analysis offers a potentially powerful complement to fundamental analysis in an active stock-selection process

Generating alpha based on revenue analysis - March 2014
By Ben Kottler, CFA, and Mark Citro.

Hands up for long-term investing
Financial Times interview with President and Chief Investment Officer Michael Roberge. Dated Monday, January 20, 2014

Investing across the frontier
Small percentage of global market capitalization is an understatement

US equity market: Bubble or opportunity?
A slow but steady economic cycle is likely to be more sustainable, durable and organic than earlier cycles and a better environment for US equities.

What we expected may be
what we get

Timely market and economic insights from James Swanson, CFA, Chief Investment Strategist of MFS.

MFS Market Insights
MFS Market Insight and Perspective

A uniquely collaborative approach to investing
MFS has conducted hands-on research of securities throughout its 89-year history

Investment Insight: When does cyclical become structural? - January 2014
By Erik S. Weisman, Ph.D., Fixed-Income Portfolio.

Investment Insight: What to expect from Fed chair Yellen - November 2013
Erik S. Weisman, Ph.D., Fixed-Income Portfolio, and Robert Spector, CFA, Institutional Portfolio Manager.

Investment Insight: The fiscal impasse and the Fed's reaction - October 2013
Erik S. Weisman, Ph.D., Fixed-Income Portfolio Manager, discusses the partial government shutdown's impact on economic growth and the impact on monetary policy.

Investment Insight: Identifying winning Asian investments as growth slows - June 2013
As growth rates stabilize and economic models adapt, investors will be challenged to reframe their analysis of the region if they are to succeed in their efforts to generate ongoing alpha. Long-term investors will need to focus on individual companies, not sectors or regions, and seek out durable investments whose returns can be sustained across economic cycles.