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Market & Economic Commentary

Get updates on MFS investment products plus our current outlooks on the financial markets around the world.

Global Markets Outlook
Insightful commentary and analysis on markets around the globe.

Week in Review
A look at key events influencing U.S. and global financial markets for the week.

Investment Updates
In-depth commentary on the factors that drove performance for these select in the most recent calendar quarter.

Culture and sustainable alpha generation: Six key factors
A strong culture is a requirement for sustainable alpha generation

Dive or stay? Common biases of goalkeepers and portfolio managers
Portfolio managers — like goalkeepers — might be better off staying put.

Earnings Season's Greetings
Timely market and economic insights from James Swanson, CFA, Chief Investment Strategist of MFS.

Emerging market debt: Challenges and opportunities
The prospect of higher US Treasury yields remains a key risk to emerging market assets.

Generating alpha based on revenue analysis - March 2014
By Ben Kottler, CFA, and Mark Citro.

Morningstar Article Reprint: Compelling Culture Key to MFS' Staying Power
A client approved article with Morningstar's perspective on MFS' culture

What to make of the ECB surprise
By Erik Weisman, Ph.D.

MFS Market Insights
MFS Market Insight and Perspective

A uniquely collaborative approach to investing
MFS has conducted hands-on research of securities throughout its 90-year history

Investment Insight: What to make of the ECB surprise - September 2014
By Erik Weisman, Ph.D., Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Investment Insight: Dive or stay? - June 2014
By Ben Kottler, CFA, Institutional Portfolio Manager, and Mariana H. Araujo, CFA, Equity Research Analyst.

Investment Insight: Emerging market debt: Challenges and opportunities - August 2014
By Robert M. Hall, Institutional Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, and Matthew W. Ryan, CFA, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager.

Quality and Value - October 2013
The essence of long-term equity returns.