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Market & Economic Commentary

Get updates on MFS investment products plus our current outlooks on the financial markets around the world.

Global Markets Outlook
Insightful commentary and analysis on markets around the globe.

Week in Review
A look at key events influencing U.S. and global financial markets for the week.

Investment Updates
In-depth commentary on the factors that drove performance for these select in the most recent calendar quarter.

MFS Market Insights
MFS Market Insight and Perspective

Strategist's Corner: Time To Take A Step Back?
Timely market and economic insights from James Swanson, CFA, Chief Investment Strategist of MFS.

Quality and Value: The Essence of Long Term Equity Returns
Higher-quality companies created more value than average companies in the marketplace.

Generating Alpha Based on Revenue Analysis
Increased globalization makes location less relevant; revenue-based analysis offers a complementary view into stock selection.