Global Markets Outlook

Market Quick Points - May 2017
Earnings rebound and credit spreads tighten amid moderate global growth and tepid wage increases.

Investment Insights: The UK Election and Its Impact on Brexit
As the United Kingdom’s general election campaign enters its final days, recent polls have shown the race tightening somewhat.

Investment Insights: Macron to Win but Not Rule?
A preview of the French presidential runoff election to be held on Sunday, 7 May 2017.

Market Insights: Fading Trumponomics Optimism Gives Way to Global Growth
Market Insights presents the collected perspectives on global markets emerging from our research process and designed to help our clients make prudent long-term investment decisions.

Investment Insights: Win or Lose, Populism Is Here to Stay
Entrenched issues won’t be easily dispensed with following upcoming European elections.

Investment Insights: Tipping Point? How Apparel Inflation Could Accelerate the Decline of At-Risk US Retailers
Import tariffs would directly impact US retailers, who import most of their goods, including 98% of apparel sold.

Market Quick Points - February 2017
While markets have embraced the reflation narrative, its sustainability remains suspect.

Investment Insights: Elusive in 2016, Alpha Could Return and Reward Patient Investors
While elusive in 2016, investors will need alpha in the future, as we’re likely to experience rising volatility, more uncertainty and lower returns.

Investment Insights: The Reflation Trade is Full of Hot Air
The reflation trade underpinning the recent market rally suggests strong confidence in the ability of the Trump administration to deliver expansionary fiscal policies and improved economic growth.

Capital Markets View: First Quarter 2017
A quarterly outlook on regions and asset classes, which is generated from our investment research and informed by our insights into what drives the markets.

Market Insights: Wishin' and Hopin'
Markets have become ebullient in the election's aftermath, but given the macro economic backdrop, one must question the sustainability of recent moves.

Market Quick Points - November 2016
It’s not at all certain that Trumponomics will sustainably accelerate US growth.