Closed-end Press Releases

Archive of previous Closed-End Fund Income Distribution Sources for Certain Funds

MFS Announces Closed-End Fund Distributions
MFS Investment Management (MFS) announced today monthly distributions of the following closed-end funds, all with declaration dates of September 1, 2016, ex-dividend dates of September 20, 2016, record dates of September 22, 2016, and payable dates of September 30, 2016.

Archive of previous Closed-End Fund Distributions

MFS Releases Closed-End Fund Income Distribution Sources for Certain Funds
BOSTON (September 26, 2016) – MFS Investment Management (MFS) released today the distribution income sources for six of its closed-end funds for August 2016: MFS Charter Income Trust (NYSE: MCR), MFS Government Markets Income Trust (NYSE: MGF), MFS Intermediate High Income Fund (NYSE: CIF), MFS Intermediate Income Trust (NYSE: MIN), MFS Multimarket Income Trust (NYSE: MMT) and MFS Special Value Trust (NYSE: MFV).

Board Approves Leverage Refinancing Plan for MFS Municipal Income Trust, MFS Investment Grade Municipal Trust, MFS California Municipal Fund, MFS High Income Municipal Trust, and MFS High Yield Municipal Trust
February 10, 2016

MFS Special Value Trust Announces Change to Investment Policy
December 8, 2015

MFS Investment Management Announces Liquidating Distribution for MFS InterMarket Income Trust I
September 25, 2015

MFS Announces Portfolio Management Changes for MFS Intermediate Income Trust
March 31, 2015

Trustees Approve Managed Distribution Plans for Certain MFS Closed-End Funds
February 12, 2015