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Massachusetts Investors Growth Stock Fund


Fact Sheet

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Symbol: MIGFX   CUSIP:  575719109   Newspaper Abbreviation: MIGA   Fund number: 13  
Daily NAV:  $23.06  (as of 4/24/14)
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Holdings-based Characteristics

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Portfolio characteristic data are based on unaudited net assets.

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Portfolio - Equity Level Data
(on 3/31/14)
Weighted Average Price/Earnings (next 12 months) 17.90x
Weighted Average Price/Cash Flow 14.73x
Weighted Average Price/Sales 2.33x
Weighted Average Price/Book 3.75x
Weighted Average IBES Long Term EPS Growth 12.59%
Weighted Average Market Cap $88.1b
Weighted Median Market Cap $58.2b
# of Stock Holdings 63
% in Stocks 99.27%
% in Cash & Other 1 0.73%
% in Top Ten 32.05%

Sector Weights
(on 3/31/14)
% Assets 
Technology 15.75%
Health Care 13.80%
Industrial Goods & Services 13.56%
Consumer Staples 13.02%
Leisure 10.28%
Financial Services 8.26%
Retailing 8.22%
Special Products & Services 5.20%
Basic Materials 3.71%
Energy 3.60%
Autos & Housing 1.98%
Transportation 1.86%
Cash & Other1 0.73%

(on 3/31/14)
Country % Assets 
North America   90.20%
  United States 90.20%
Europe ex-U.K.   7.19%
  France 5.93%
  Spain 0.71%
  Switzerland 0.55%
Emerging Markets   1.42%
  Taiwan 1.42%
Cash & Other1   0.73%
  Cash & Other 0.73%
United Kingdom   0.47%
  United Kingdom 0.47%

Weighted Average IBES Long Term EPS Growth sourced from: Thomson Reuters.


Equity Portfolio Characteristics displayed prior to 1/31/10 reflects its market value, and is not based on equivalent exposure, which may differ.


Portfolio characteristics are based on equivalent exposure, which measures how a portfolio's value would change due to price changes in an asset held either directly or, in the case of a derivative contract, indirectly. The market value of the holding may differ.


1 Cash and other assets are less liabilities.

This publication is authorized for distribution only when preceded or accompanied by a prospectus, or summary prospectus, for the portfolio being offered. Consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. Contact MFS or view online. Read it carefully.