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Price History

Price History

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Record Date Ex-Date Payable Date Type of Earnings Rate per Share (US$) Reinvestment NAV (US$)
9/27/17 9/27/17 9/27/17 Dividend 0.08699 15.43
6/28/17 6/28/17 6/28/17 Dividend 0.06497 15.09
3/29/17 3/29/17 3/29/17 Dividend 0.08011 14.64
12/13/16 12/13/16 12/13/16 Dividend 0.05443 14.09

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Fees and Charges %


Expense Ratio
Class A

Gross Expense Ratio is the fund's total operating expense ratio from the fund's most recent prospectus.

Net Expense Ratio reflects the reduction of expenses from fee waivers and reimbursements. Elimination of these reductions will result in higher expenses and lower performance. These reductions will continue until at least November 30, 2018.

Sales Charge

Maximum Sales Charges

Class A shares ("A") results include the maximum sales charge.

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