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Our Investment Beliefs Drive Everything We Do.

Client Alignment: Focused on Outcomes

We stay true to our investment beliefs and a process that is sustainable, repeatable and aligned with the needs of our clients.

  • We can best serve client interests through skilled active management — knowing what we own through robust research, owning companies responsibly by engaging with their management teams and holding positions long enough to let our investment thesis play out.
  • We believe markets are inefficient and can be exploited to create long-term value through rigorous research, conviction and discipline.
  • Being investor-led means we make decisions based on how well investments support client outcomes rather than on asset gathering. We invest and run our business the same way — with a long-term view and single-minded focus on doing what is right for clients.
  • It's not about being the biggest manager. It's about acting in the best interest of clients. We close strategies before they get too large in order to help protect long-term performance for our client assets.

Continuity: Time Is an Asset

We think, act and invest with a long-term perspective because that is the best way to create value for clients over time.

  • Lengthening the time horizon allows us to tap the more dispersed returns available over longer horizons, while developing conviction and staying disciplined over full market cycles allows our good ideas to potentially become sustainable investments.
  • Linking investment-team incentives with long-term performance helps create long-term value and aligns with client objectives.
  • Integrating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) into our research helps us make long-term investments in companies with potentially lasting competitive advantages.
  • Strategically planning for the development and succession of key investment professionals preserves the integrity of our investment process and the potential to sustain our active skill over time. 

Active Intelligence℠: Insight to Advantage

By building our organization and culture around collaboration and teamwork, we make the best decisions for clients.

  • There is a big difference between information and insight. We turn insight into an analysis advantage through our global research platform, with analysts able to uncover opportunities worldwide
  • We create an analysis advantage through collaborative thinking and uncompromised information sharing across geographies, asset classes, sectors and industries.
  • Favoring the strongest idea over the strongest individual, we use active debate to bring the most thoroughly vetted opportunities to clients. 
  • Collaboration drives more effective decision making, so we link it directly to investment team compensation by conducting 360-degree peer reviews and rewarding team members for working well together. 

Risk Management: Seeing All Angles

Risk factors into every investment decision we make, because limiting losses in volatile markets is just as critical as maximizing returns on the upside.

  • We have a risk-aware culture in which every member of our investment team is responsible for assessing risk. Embedded in our investment process, risk management is always on, and we conduct rigorous reviews regularly at the portfolio, security and firm levels.
  • In market downturns and during periods of market volatility, our active skill helps us take on intentional, rather than unintentional risk — and it helps us find good entry points to invest for long-term value.
  • With a goal to deliver the greatest return within the risk guidelines of each client portfolio, we focus on solid fundamentals and select investments that can potentially hold their value through changing markets.

Expertise In Action

With demonstrated skill across fundamental equity, fixed income and blended research strategies, we strive to outperform and protect capital for our clients through market cycles.

Fixed Income

Managing unique risks while finding good value.

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