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Our Guiding Principles

Integrated Research

We look at investment opportunities across the globe by integrating fundamental equity, quantitative and credit disciplines in our analysis.

  • The efforts of our investment professionals around the world are fully integrated through their work on eight global sector teams, which include fundamental equity analysts who cover similar industries worldwide, quantitative analysts, credit analysts and portfolio managers.
  • This integration of all the teams serves to broaden and deepen their perspective, leading to better decisions for our clients.
  • As part of that broader perspective, we invest over longer time periods, where we find more diverse returns and ample opportunities by focusing on fundamentals that reflect signs of true long term value.

Global Collaboration

Our team philosophy, incentive structure and long-term focus ensure strong collaboration across the firm.

  • All members of the investment staff are evaluated by their colleagues for how much they contribute to the team, and those evaluations help determine their compensation.
  • The entire compensation structure rewards long-term performance and is aligned with our clients’ goals. We operate on a shared belief that developing our convictions and staying true to them over the long-term gives the market time to reward our best investment ideas.
  • We hire and reward people who are team oriented and want to work in a collaborative environment, which we believe leads to better results for our clients.

Active Risk Management

We take a holistic approach to actively managing risk with reviews in place at security, portfolio and firm levels and a clear focus on generating alpha for our clients

  • Risk management is embedded in – and an integral part of – our investment process. All portfolios adhere to systematic daily, weekly, monthly and semiannual monitoring and review.
  • Every member of the investment team is responsible for assessing risk, and our risk review process is rigorous, continuous and methodical.
  • Our goal is to deliver the greatest possible return for our clients within the risk guidelines of each portfolio.
  • As long-term investors, we look past short-term market movements and mitigate volatility by focusing on solid fundamentals and selecting investments that can hold their value through changing markets.

Expertise In Action

With demonstrated skill across fundamental equity, fixed income and blended research strategies, we strive to outperform and protect capital for our clients through market cycles.

Fixed Income

Managing unique risks while finding good value.

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A longer view for broader opportunity.

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The strength of efficient and unbiased analysis.

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