Facing Complexity With Collaboration

Integrated research and collaboration can help uncover opportunities in today's more complex global markets.

Title: Facing complexity with collaboration

Abstract: As part of a skilled active manager's toolkit, integrated research and collaboration can help uncover opportunities in today's more complex global markets

ALMEIDA: So the difference between average managers and skilled managers are, skilled managers add value over time. And the three traits that we associate with that are, managers that have conviction, managers that add value in volatile markets, and managers that are able to source return through an integrated research platform and

reward collaborative thinking.

Markets are so interconnected and complex, and there’s so much business disruption taking place, that the differential between skilled active managers and average active managers may increase over time because there are businesses that are displacing other businesses, and that has implications in financial markets.

Underwriting a company's business in its home country in isolation is no longer enough. You have to understand its competitors outside its home origin, as it likely does business in those markets.

CANTARA: And I think that’s where having that ability to bring a number of different people together from across different regions and different industries to really try to assess what is the impact of this technology or given trend in the marketplace, requires that long-term perspective but also brings that together.

And I think it really gets at this notion of the difference between having access to information and having access to analysis, and bringing a team of people together that have differences in backgrounds and therefore different perspectives, and have a cognitive diversity that allows for different perspectives to come through.

ALMEIDA: When you consider the complexity of the world, you consider the speed of technology and the disruption that comes from that, it’s that much more important to have collective thought and to protect against group think. And differing ideas, particularly ones that challenge your own, should provide a more robust investment thought process.

CANTARA: It’s extremely important in a complex market environment that we’re in today to have that analysis advantage. And I think that comes through, having a network of experts around the world, having a culture of teamwork and collaboration, and really taking advantage of that to be able to identify and distinguish between companies that will have long-term success and those that won’t.

The views expressed are those of the speakers and are subject to change at any time. These views should not be relied upon as investment advice, as securities recommendations, or as an indication of trading intent on behalf of any MFS investment product.

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