Client Alignment: Focused on Outcomes

Active debate and the conviction to invest long term turns good insights into strategic investments for our clients.

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Maddie Forrester

We’re not just talking the talk. We’re actually putting those philosophies and those beliefs into action in a way that supports our clients and makes it clear that these are things we genuinely believe and are prepared to walk the walk as well


We have to understand where we fall into the bigger picture from a client perspective and the client has to understand and fully expect what we’re going to deliver. So I think that meeting of the minds is important and I think when you have that you really have alignment and the ingredients for a successful relationship

Kevin Beatty

In a world where financial services, where technology is changing things all the time, every once in a while we need to sit back and say, this is good old fashioned investing and that’s how we ought to work for our clients and do it the way we know we can do it and that is bringing alpha to them through various different means.

B-roll, stock footage, motion graphics, etc.

Marian Poirier

I think alignment to a certain extent is finding the right clients who are looking and have the same goals, who have the same beliefs. They believe in long term and they're going to give us the right amount of time. It's trying to make sure that what we offer to our clients is relevant to their needs for tomorrow.

Carol Geremia

You have to be able to understand and articulate how we’re managing money on your behalf. If you don’t get that piece, you won’t have the discipline to give us the tie we need. That’s not self-serving, though it might sound self- serving to ask for more time. It’s more self-serving if we don’t.

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