Continuity: Time is an Asset

Delivering the outcomes our clients need is not about managing time. It's about using time to manage wisely.

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[Amrit Kanwal]

I think time is the critical element in investing especially in our DNA. It’s not timing the market. It’s time in the market. There’s a real short term focus with a lot of investors out there and we’re not thinking about what’s going to beat earnings estimates in the next quarter or what’s gonna miss.

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[Rob Almeida]

To the extent that you formulate a differentiated view on an asset, stock, bond, currency, whatever it may be, the second part of that equation is you need to wait until the market recognizes what you’ve figured out. That might take three years or it might take three years.

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Carol Geremia

Part of helping people make money is to help them understand the time that it takes and the patience and discipline and the consistency you need in order to be successful over time. It isn’t just trying to be successful right here in this moment.

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Mike Roberge

I think it’s identifying people before you bring them into the firm that really value the benefits of teamwork, diversity and thinking long-term. If you do that at the front end, you create an environment where people feel comfortable working in teams and constructively challenging one another and that’s very enduring.

[Andy Washburn]

We know the markets are cyclical, we know the environments change, but it takes time for the markets to play out for active investment skill to play out. So I think long-term thinking is clearly the backbone of success in this industry and MFS has been proving that over the last 90 years.


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